BT Cocoa


BT Cocoa was established in 1983 and the factory was located in Tangerang (Indonesia). In 2019 Olam Cocoa completed the acquisition of BT Cocoa, Indonesia’s largest cocoa processor, and it is now a part of the Olam Cocoa family.

BT Cocoa is a supplier of cocoa products to more than 50 countries worldwide. BT Cocoa’s 120,000 metric tonnes of cocoa bean processing capacity and 30,000 metric tonnes of cocoa mass pressing capacity are now further integrated with Olam Cocoa’s global supply chain of traceable and high-quality cocoa beans.  Sourced from all major cocoa growing countries across Africa, Asia and South America.



“BT Cocoa are proud to produce one of the widest and most diverse ranges of cocoa powders available.”

The color of cocoa powder ranges from light brown, reddish-brown, dark brown, to black. In addition to color intensity, our cocoa powder also diversifies in flavor that meet the needs of vast market segments.


Olam Cocoa’s strong R&D and innovation capabilities to develop differentiated, higher quality ingredients, for use in a wide range of applications across bakery, dairy, confectionery, cereals, snacks, ice creams, and desserts.


Cocoa powder packing in 25 Kg paper sack.



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